MLB Pitcher Matt Garza Tells Birth Control Pusher Jessica Chastain to 'Try Abstinence'

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Matt Garza (Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Matt Garza tweeted his way into a firestorm Friday when he responded to actress Jessica Chastain’s (factually untrue) tweet about birth control:

The 33-year-old starting pitcher and father of six replied:

Garza is correct, of course. Abstinence is 100% effective and, even better, it’s free. It doesn’t require insurance or government subsidies—and the government can’t take it away from you.

Chastain fancies herself a women’s rights activist and defender of free government birth control. She tweeted earlier Friday that she’s planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington on January 21 to “stand for reproductive choice, wage equality, and freedom from sexual violence.”

For someone who claims to be informed about these issues (and was tweeting about fake news earlier in the week), it’s somewhat (but not really) surprising that Chastain would be spreading misinformation by saying that “birth control is no longer covered by health insurance.” While there was some political theater in the Senate this past week related to ObamaCare, all that actually happened was that the Senate approved a budget resolution instructing committees to begin work on legislation to repeal portions of the Affordable Care Act. And while it’s true that the 2018 Congress may repeal all or parts of it, including the birth control mandate (I’m skeptical), that isn’t anywhere close to happening. And even if it does happen, private insurers will still be free to cover birth control and most likely will (in fact, 28 states force insurers to cover it even without ObamaCare). So what is Chastain even talking about?

Regardless of the veracity of Chastain’s tweet, Matt Garza is now Public Enemy #1. Check out some of the headlines:

Matt Garza Shares Opinion On Birth Control, Continues To Be A Big Dumbass

Brewers’ Matt Garza Gets Roasted For Dumb, Hypocritical Birth Control Tweet

The hypocrisy accusation is being leveled against Garza because his first child was born out of wedlock when he was 18 years old. He ended up marrying the mother of his child, high school sweetheart Serina Ortiz Garza, and the couple now has six children together. It apparently doesn’t occur to Garza’s critics that he may have learned a valuable life lesson when he became a teen father and that perhaps he’s passing along some advice he learned the hard way. I suppose the right thing to do, at least in the eyes of the death-cult left, would have been to abort the child, who Garza says in now a 14-year-old freshman with a 4.0 GPA.

According to the Player Wives website, “Matt and Serina are involved in organizations combating teen pregnancy, as they dealt with their own while Serina was pregnant with Matthew while they were both in high school.” In 2009 Matt Garza joined Bristol Palin and Hayden Panettiere on a panel sponsored by The Candie’s Foundation discussing combatting teen pregnancy.

It sounds like this is an issue near and dear to his heart and guess what? He doesn’t forfeit his right to have an opinion on the matter because he made a mistake 14 years ago as a high school kid. Nor should he be forced to remain silent simply because he is a man.