Watch What Happened When a Hillary Supporter Brought a Lost Dog to a Trump Rally

I don’t know about you, but this election has left me exhausted—physically, mentally, and spiritually. The rancor and divisiveness of it all have challenged my patience and even tested a few friendships. No matter the outcome on Tuesday, I’ll be glad to bid this seemingly endless election adieu (Lord willing). And like most Americans, I’ll be relieved that I won’t have to watch any more political ads on TV for a while. Living in the swing state of Ohio, we get more than our fair share around here, and we’ve hardly had a minute of relief from those wretched ads these past few weeks.

Until today.

Today, something magical happened when an ad came on that looked deceptively like your run-of-the mill ugly political ad. The intro featured some of the worst scenes from the campaigns of Trump and Clinton. But then, it showed a woman wearing a Hillary campaign shirt showing up at a Trump rally with a “lost dog”—a golden retriever. The woman, an actress, told Trump supporters she was trying to find the dog’s owner and she solicited help from rally attendees. Then she did the same thing at a Hillary rally, only this time wearing a Trump shirt.

Anyone who has known the love of a dog can tell you what happened next!

A lost dog? Of course, everyone was eager to help!

“I love that when it comes to dogs there’s no political parties!” a woman declared.

“I didn’t ever expect myself to agree with a Trump supporter on anything,” said a woman in a Hillary hat, sounding a bit surprised.

“We do agree that we love dogs and dogs love us,” a man in a Trump shirt observed.

I’ve watched it three times, and I’ve cried every time. It’s a needed dose of healing after this contentious election.

One woman summarized my feelings exactly when she said, “Things like this give us hope that we can all find common ground in other places.”

Amen to that!

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