Comedian on Trump Era: 'I Wish It Was Just an HBO Series' and Not 'All True'

Comedian Paula Poundstone said people would be less sensitive today and “find it easier to laugh” at certain jokes if they “felt included.”

In his latest Netflix special, comedian Dave Chappelle touched upon how comedians have to be careful not to offend certain groups of people with their routines. Poundstone was asked for her reaction to Chappelle’s opinion on the state of comedy.

“If people felt that the opportunities were equal for everyone than they’d be a lot less sensitive, you know what I mean? I think it would be easier to laugh,” Poundstone said during an interview at a recent event hosted by United Service Organizations (USO) in Washington.

Poundstone said she’s “probably” had to adjust her routine “a little bit” so her material doesn’t offend certain groups of people. She explained that she had to “sign an affidavit” not to be “partisan or curse” at the USO show. Poundstone often tweets about politics and her opposition to Trump. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, she thanked pro-impeachment protesters in various cities around the nation.

“It’s a strange time, at best,” Poundstone said. “I wish that it was just an HBO series, you know. I wish it was just something that some clever writers had come up with and every week you were just on the edge of your seat to watch the next one or to binge-watch. I wish that it wasn’t all true. It would be a lot more fun.”