James Bond, Rapist

First Friends, now Bond. James Bond:

James Bond is one of the most iconic and enduring examples of suave manhood that exists in cinema, however, people are re-watching the films and noticing a few uncomfortable truths when it comes to consent.

This may sound like sacrilege to some fans, but a re-watching of the 26 movies will confirm this. YouTuber GuruKid whose videos err towards the comedic, compiled ‘inappropriate’ scenes from different James Bond movies.

The list of sins includes fanny-patting, stolen kisses, walking in his bathroom to find a naked woman in the tub and… and… and… Pussy Galore.

Well, as M herself (Judi Dench) famously observes, via screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, in Goldeneye:

Let’s let Sean Connery have the last word: