'I Hope You Die!' Philadelphia Man Beats and Chokes Mom After She Changes TV Channel

A Pennsylvania man attacked, beat, and choked his own mother because she had the audacity to change the TV channel.

David Cantrell, 42, was arrested on assault and harassment charges. According to the police, the enraged son punched his elderly mother in the face when she changed the TV channel. That was bad enough, but the psychopath wasn’t done yet. He also lifted her up and proceeded to slam her body onto the floor. Mr. Cantrell apparently loves himself some WWE.

After this horrendous attack, Cantrell decided that his mother hadn’t suffered enough quite yet, which is why he choked her until she passed out. While doing so, he shouted “I hope you die” at her.

When her horrible ordeal was finally over, the mother picked herself up and fled to the neighbor’s house. Shortly after, her dear son was arrested.

David Cantrell is currently in jail on a $75,000 bond. The good news? According to online court documents, he can’t afford this amount. Thank God. You don’t even want to think about the possibility of him roaming the streets once again and, quite possibly, repeating his assault on his mother, this time because she went to the police.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to judge anyone, but it seems to me that Mr. Cantrell has very serious psychological issues. I’ve also been angered by someone changing the channel when I was, for instance, watching the NFL playoffs — I’m no saint — but nearly killing your own mom does go a bit far. Yes, that’s true even if you’re watching the Patriots beat the Steelers.

All kidding aside, domestic violence is increasingly becoming a problem in certain areas in the United States, including in the Philadelphia region. There’s never an excuse to beat a family member, especially when the perpetrator is a man and the victim a woman. Sadly, that’s all too often the case.