Talking About 'Satan Shoes' Only Results in More Garbage Culture Attention Whores

A Satanic Temple of Seattle member who gave her name as Dice wears horns as its members gather outside a football game in Bremerton, Wash., on Oct. 29, 2015. (Meegan M. Reid/Kitsap Sun via AP)

I know it’s hard to resist pushing the outrage button when Hollywood provocateurs carry out the latest assault on your sensibilities. It set me off for years. But these days I find myself increasingly bored by these sad attempts at scandalizing the masses. We are un-scandalizable.

The recent flap over “Satan Shoes” made by some rap artist I don’t know needs to come to a swift halt. Simply ignore this nonsense. Switch the channel, don’t click on the hashtag, and talk about something good in the culture. These people only do this because they know the formula to success is as easy as upsetting the public, which generates lots of notoriety and big paychecks. Why do we give them the attention?

The more we write about them, the bigger they get. I can’t be the only person who sees this. Why are we giving these cultural vampires any oxygen at all? Starve them of the thing they want most of all: attention. PJ Media’s Bryan Preston wisely noted this fact.

The Satan Shoe all adds up to a big publicity stunt to sell streams and downloads.

Publicity of whatever kind or quality has focused a great deal of attention on Lil Nas X. Rather than fall from the sky like lightning, he topped 14 million downloads on YouTube and shot up like the morning star to #1 on Spotify.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in an America that focused on elevating great cultural experiences and ignored the urbane and vulgar ones? Less WAP and more of this, please.

If you ever get the chance to see a concert again, go see “The Piano Guys.” Your soul will sing. It’s an unforgettable night, and your children will be encouraged and amazed instead of horrified and sickened. It’s up to us to choose better entertainment and leave the dregs at the bottom where they will only be able to proselytize their religion of debasement to one another. I have no desire to give Lil Whoever any more attention. It’s an embarrassing “look at me!” schoolyard trick that we should recognize for what it is.


I’m not spending another inch of column space complaining about a simplistic, cartoonish depiction of Hell and damnation by half-wits dry humping one another. Whenever I see twerking now (or “tweaking” as Bat Dad and I call it), I see my 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy humping the exercise ball and I start laughing. Do they think this is attractive?

Please, conservative press and readers, stop paying attention to the freaks. Start paying attention to the culture creators who are contributing to beauty, excellence, and truth.

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