Your Weekly Good News Round-Up

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Hola, friends! Thank God it’s Friday, right? Have a drink.


The Senate takes itself WAY too seriously…

It’s time for some good news. And is there anything better than Democrat Kyrsten Sinema voting no on minimum wage in a sassy skirt and sweater combo? She’s impressed me so much with this display of cheekiness that I took extra special care to spell her name right. That’s literally never happened before. I think I’ve typed it Kirsten, Kristen, and possibly Krestin in the past. Never again, Kyrsten. You’re a star. I like how she treats the Senate like a stop on the way to pick up her dry cleaning. It’s not that hard. There are no long speeches required. I’m just popping into tank your socialist dreams. Later!

I’m not crying, you’re crying! 

Don’t you love Gary Sinise? The world needs more people like him who use their fame and success to help people. A wounded veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan has received a brand new home after Sinise heard about his difficulties with a home that was not wheelchair accessible. The Gary Sinise Foundation paid for it in full. Sunny Skys News reported:

“Living in a house that is not accessible to you, you’re challenged every single day to do the daily activities that normal people do,” Barron said.

“Just being able to roll into the shower without jumping any obstacles, to be able to come home and have the whole house accessible to my wheelchair and me, it’s definitely going to change my life.”

Good Boi Report

Archimedes Ruckus is growing fast and I’m sure you’re all ready for another update. He’s a total troublemaker. He treats his trainer with complete respect and me like someone he’s trying to pick a fight with. He’s incredibly cute, though, so I think I’ll keep him. His favorite treats are peanut butter and bully sticks. His bark is ear-piercing—it actually hurts your ears. It reminds me of that cartoon “Bolt” with the dog that has a super bark. He’s going to be huge. He poops like a horse. It’s gross. (I’m sure you wanted to know that.)

More adorable animals, just ’cause.

Migraines? Go get a massage.

I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life. The other thing I’ve suffered from my whole life is thinking that massage is something that rich people pamper themselves with and not a medical necessity. But a few months ago I went to the doctor for shoulder pain I’d been living with for two years and discovered I have tendinitis and a bone spur (ouch) and they sent me to physical therapy. Mistake! I went for six weeks and was in more pain than I’ve ever been in. The last visit there I left and called a masseuse and drove straight to her, desperate for relief. I walked out of there that day a changed person. I’ve seen her every week since and I have very little shoulder pain. But the really big surprise is that my migraines have disappeared completely. (When I go. I made the mistake of taking two weeks off and paid for it big time.)

I remember when my grandmother was at the end of her life and having a lot of pain, my aunt would book her for a regular massage, and every time she would come home from it she would tell me how wonderful she felt. It turns out that weekly massage does a ton for the body and spirit. Weekly massage improves relaxation, lowers stress, improves circulation, decreases pain, improves sleep, and just feels amazing. Get a sinus massage. You will see God.

It also occurred to me the last time I was on the table that people who live alone and don’t have the benefit of lots of hugs or touching would benefit greatly, especially during COVID, from the deep pressure that massage gives. It’s like a prolonged full-body hug. The only crappy part is that my insurance doesn’t pay for it. It should. It’s the best medicine I’ve ever had and it is keeping me well.

I thought I would share that with you since everything is so stressful and everyone is so tense. Go get a massage. I recommend finding a massage therapist who works out of a chiropractor’s office because they usually hire the most knowledgeable ones and you’re always near someone who can give you an adjustment if you need it.

Live footage of my massage experience.

Have a great weekend!