'Bachelor Diversity' Hate Group Targeting Chris Harrison for Career Destruction

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

A group of people calling themselves the “Bachelor Diversity Campaign” should rename themselves “Bachelor Diversity Hate Campaign” instead. On the surface, it appears to be a bunch of disaffected millennials whose biggest accomplishments in life so far have been to appear in a reality TV show where they compete with one another to ride the herpes roulette wheel with one lucky bachelor or bachelorette.

“Finding love” is not what happens on The Bachelor, as any connoisseur of the show knows. What is mostly found during the filming of the hit show is betrayal, attention-whoring, fame-seeking, and the murder of the English language—my absolute favorite part. There are entire drinking games based on how many times contestants will use the word “like” out of context. My personal cringe quota is met whenever I hear them use the made-up word “mother-in-laws” to signify more than one mother-in-law. It’s “mothers-in-law,” people. And can no one under 30 understand that the possessive form of “I” is “my?” Maybe one day someone will gift me with show transcripts that I can take a red pen to. It would be hilarious. Example:

“The Bachelor Diversity Campaign’s and I’s my relationship is off to a very rocky start.”

I reported the underlying issue about why Chris Harrison had to grovel like a man begging for his life and step aside from the show he helped build here and on the Adam Corolla Show. You can hear the full podcast here and be thoroughly entertained by the last few remaining brave people in the media who aren’t afraid to call out this dumpster fire. (The topic starts at minute 26.)

This Is Why You Never EVER Apologize to the Woke Police

But the woke police aren’t happy with Harrison apologizing and stepping away from the show. They want his executive producer job too. He must be completely eradicated from public view in the eyes of the Cancel Culture club in order for their “win” to happen. They must have his scalp to hang on the wall. And then they plan on replacing him with someone who shares their ideological views and they will turn The Bachelor into an unwatchable preach-a-thon that will get canceled in one season. Everyone might pretend to be down with the woke cause but secretly, everyone hates it. They’re just too scared to say it out loud because they know you’ll cancel them.

The person who started all this hubbub— and basically lured Harrison into an interview where he could not win no matter what he said— is Rachel Lindsay. Lindsay got her start on the Bachelor as a contestant and went on to host a podcast about the show where she complains about racism and stuff. She’s also an attorney and the daughter of a federal judge appointed by Bill Clinton. What do you call the kind of privilege you get when you’re the daughter of an esteemed federal judge? Lindsay had every opportunity that an equally rich white girl has in America (and more because she has the privilege of saying whatever stupid crap she wants and no one will cancel her). She went to prestigious universities and appears to have it all. It’s also interesting to note that the “racist” show she is so upset at is the reason she has a successful podcast in the first place. I would love to hear how Joan Rivers would describe this dame.

But Lindsay now says she doesn’t want to host the show but instead she wants Emmanuel Ancho, NFL star, to have the role. Please note: The people who are concerned about racism are insisting on segregation so that only black people can talk to other black people on a reality tv show about who they think is hot or not.

She announced on her podcast that the next Bachelor host should “be somebody people trust to have these conversations.” What conversations are those? Has she seen The Bachelor? It’s a monumental trainwreck. There is nothing resembling any kind of “conversation” that anyone with any sense would care about. Hardly any of them can string together a coherent sentence. All we tune in for is the shenanigans the producers are setting up. (The Devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder!) Why a football player who has no connection to the show would be the right choice over Harrison, who’s been with the show from its inception and had a big part in growing it into the giant success that it is, is a mystery. But Ancho is the right color so, presumably, the woke brigade will not come for his job until they decide that there isn’t enough transgender representation and insist that he be replaced with Rachel Levine.

But perhaps the most maddening part about this entire sad saga is the claim by the hate group that started this that they are definitely not Cancel Culture tyrants who deserve our everlasting scorn and ridicule.

While some think that it’s best for Chris to step down, the Bachelor Diversity Campaign is trying to make sure that it is not confused with cancel culture. Instead, it’s just holding Chris Harrison accountable for his actions.

“We hope that you are beginning to understand the difference between accountability and ‘cancel culture,’ and that your apologies reflect your genuine contrition and openness to growth.”

You’re not being fired. You’re earning your accountability unemployment check! Then the Bachelor Diversity Hate Campaign publicly called for Harrison to not only lose his job hosting but his producer role as well. So much for not being into “canceling” people.

“We genuinely hope you do better but it should not be at the expense of BIPOC cast, crew, employees, and viewers, nor should it be while you are host or executive producer with the Bachelor ABC franchise,” they wrote. I have no idea what BIPOC stands for and I don’t want to know. I’m officially done adding any new acronyms to my vocabulary to give self-righteous, puritanical witch-burners like this any legitimacy.

Remember kids, it’s okay to hate white people for any damn reason you want, including if they’re trying to be nice and keep a young girl from having her life destroyed by the woke mob that has nothing better to do than get their thongs twisted over a two-year-old photo of a Southern girl in a Southern belle dress. It’s not like there are black children being removed from their families illegally and prejudicially by every child welfare operation in this country that they could use their big platforms to help. And it’s not like there are black children being denied an education by public school teachers’ unions while white students get in-person school. Nope! Every problem is solved so they can focus their race-based outrage on (checks notes) a reality tv show starring rich narcissistic twenty-year-old social media influencers who are using the opportunity to get more internet famous and possibly score a podcast. Thank God for these people. They’re doing the Lord’s work. 

There are dire ramifications to Cancel Culture. It’s not really about social shame but about testing the waters to see if the public will allow the symbolic murder of certain people. Cancel Culture is a test run for actual murder. If you don’t care that some people can be targeted for a public flogging followed by a social disappearing, how much will you really care if they just get put up against a wall and dispatched? And the people doing the canceling are aligned directly with avowed Marxist, socialist organizations that are open about their goals. In every single historical example we have of Marxists seizing power, millions of people are murdered.

Communist regimes produced the greatest ideological carnage in human history, killing more than a hundred million people in the last century.

PJ Media contributor Keith Ablow recently wrote:

Canceling people taps into the most primitive and destructive of human impulses—dark, destructive, murderous psychological forces that, unleashed, have been manifested before in historical horrors like burning witches in Salem and burning Jews in the Holocaust (not to equate the scope of the two, at all). And while “canceling” human beings may not stop their hearts from pumping blood, it is certainly intended to stop their hearts, metaphorically. It is the modern-day equivalent of a stoning in the public square and—no exaggeration—if the people who celebrate this cancel culture could get away with pushing a button anonymously to vote to kill their targets for real, they would.

Cancelers are cancer. They are part of a metastatic social movement that, without massive interventions to stop them, will destroy the entirety of our society, instilling fear where freedom once reined, silencing and strangling not only those who err and act inappropriately but also those who dare to speak words or share ideas that are currently shunned. Left to spread, this disease will choke off not only the sharing of unpopular ideas but then the sharing of any idea that might prove unpopular. The victims of cancelers will come to include not only compassion (already on its last legs) but critical thinking and creativity.

PJ Media reached out to Chris Harrison and asked him if he’d like to stop scraping and start standing up for himself. We did not receive a response but we’re here and ready to defend his right to be a person and have thoughts that other people don’t like whenever he decides to stop flagellating himself for the entertainment of the bloodthirsty mob.