Triggered: Malaysian Government Releases Helpful 'How to Keep Your Husband Happy' During Lockdown Tips

Image via Pixabay

The Malaysian government obviously hadn’t gotten the message that man-hating feminists run the world until they attempted to provide some helpful tips to women stuck at home with their husbands. In an effort to foster familial harmony during the lockdown, the government released some posters to help women keep their husbands happy. Sky News has the story.

First, ladies, it’s time to get out of those pajamas you’ve been in for three days. And hair in sloppy buns is not going to work. Also, no walking around with garbage bags (I think this is what this sign is saying). And makeup. Don’t forget you have that. It’s for putting on your face, not for sitting in a drawer.

Then there are the helpful hints about housework. If your husband isn’t helping you, stop nagging him and do it yourself. There will be more peace and harmony that way. (Why this is a revelation to anyone is beyond me. It goes for kids too. Tired of nagging them to clean their rooms? Do it for them. Even the cleaning experts recommend reducing the amount of stress around housework where children are concerned so they don’t grow to hate it.) Nagging someone to do something rarely works. The poster also suggests not being sarcastic when your husband doesn’t want to help with the chores.

Predictably, feminists had a freakout and demanded the government remove the offensive, stereotypical, and misogynistic suggestions. Everyone knows that talking nicely to men is not something any good feminist would ever do.

The government was forced to apologize, of course. Everyone knows that being good to your husband is oppressive: “The Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) said the Facebook and Instagram posts reinforced negative gender stereotypes of both women and men.” And in the manner of beleaguered hen-pecked men everywhere, the Ministry apologized for offending some people and tried to convince the critics that the suggestions were aimed at “maintaining positive relationships among family members during the period they are working from home.” How dare they? 

I guess the feminists’ plan for household bliss is to nag incessantly while wearing three-day-old sweats and looking like a hag. Best of luck to them.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,”  and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow her on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter