You Know You Want This Scarf That Looks Like an Obnoxious CVS Receipt

(Screenshot via Etsy)

If you’re still doing white elephant gifts at work, you need this new scarf. For years, we’ve all been making fun of the CVS receipts that are inexplicably long, even when you only buy one item. I don’t know what’s on there, and neither does anyone else, but it appears that each printing of a CVS receipt kills 2.4 trees. Once upon a time, when I was determined to game the system and use those coupons that hardly anyone looks at, I did meticulously save those receipts and match them with future purchases. It took over my life and I was barely able to function, just so I could get $2 off a bottle of Spray and Wash. No one has time for this.

(Screenshot via Etsy)

For only $19, you can have this walking reminder of all the paper waste coming from CVS. reports the benefits of owning this fun item.

The hilarious CVS receipt scarf shows you purchased just one single item for less than 2 bucks, yet you’ve been given a heaping long receipt that’s littered with CVS coupons. Normally you’d throw this 1/4 redwood tree straight into the trash like you normally do when leaving CVS, but now you can wrap it around you neck to keep warm throughout the cold winter.

Well, it’s about time these things were useful!

The website has all kinds of good ideas for white elephant gifts, including this handy underwear that contains fart smells. Says Odditymall, “I think we’ve all been in a situation where you’d rather lose complete consciousness rather than taking one more breath of someone’s fart.” This would be an excellent gift for Eric Swalwell (D-#Fartgate).


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