Now Sitting on Santa's Lap Is Grooming Girls for Rape?

Right before Thanksgiving we had the Girl Scouts of America warning families that girls shouldn’t be forced to hug Grandpa for fear of contributing to “rape culture.” And now, visits with Santa are in the crosshairs for the perpetually offended #MeToo campaigners. Angela Chang at Scary Mommy writes:

I was filled with shame and regret as I thought about previous years when I would plop my daughter onto Santa’s lap and laugh while taking pictures of her frantically trying to get away. I fully admit that I thought it was cute and funny — in an “know she’s actually safe” kind of way. But she didn’t think she was safe.

I put my child in a strange man’s lap and told her she had to stay there even though she was uncomfortable, so he would give her gifts. [Emphasis original]

Okay, lady. Give me a break. It’s official. We’ve gone over the edge of sanity right into crazy town. How can these loons be taken seriously? First, hugging grandma is off limits, and now Santa? What’s next? Banning Dr. Seuss? Oh, wait… that is already in the works.

People who equate a visit with Santa Claus with rape need to be fitted with a straightjacket and shown to a padded cell. What is the deal with these nattering Nancys who think that American childhood traditions are dangerous to children, but anal sex is not? This is the part I can’t stomach. The same people who are complaining about consent and worried about Santa are the very same people who push “sex education,” like “Teen Vogue’s” anal sex guide for minors. How does this square? Sitting on Santa’s lap can lead to rape, but teaching kids how to shove a penis up their butt does not?

This same publication, Scary Mommy, decries the absence of abortion education in sex ed. The same people who think getting a photo with Santa Claus is risky for your daughter don’t think getting an abortion is cause for concern (even though it can end in death for not only the baby, but the mother too). This is the insanity that is leftism today. Things that are of no concern to most people (like hugs from grandma and visits with Santa) are being pushed on us as horrifying threats, while things that greatly concern most parents (like STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and the sexualization of their children) rate an absolute zero on the care-o-meter of the ideologues on the other side of the culture war. Why is that? What is this obsession with destroying the benign when malignant dangers to children are being sold on every platform and endorsed by the so-called “experts”?

Could it be that we have failed to recognize that we are at war, albeit a cold one? And if we are at war, then the enemy is deploying a constant stream of propaganda intended, not for our good or the good of our children, but for our defeat, submission, and eventual enslavement. Don’t be fooled. Take your kids to see Santa. #Resist!