VIDEO: In the Presence of Greatness... We Are Oblivious

Is it the fluoride in the water? The GMOs? The petroleum-based dyes in all the food and body products? Is it the constant addiction to social media? What is it that we’re doing to ourselves that has zombified the world? Why are people so oblivious to things that would have made them jump for joy 40 years ago? What has happened to humanity that we can stand on a train platform and hear THIS… and ignore it?

To Henri Herbert, I’d like to apologize for the majority of humanity surrounding you when you gave them this gift who never even noticed. And thanks for trying to bring joy and happiness into this dark, strange place where beautiful music doesn’t move people anymore. (Even the ones paying attention stood there listening as if it were a lecture on economics… zzzzzzzz.) I’m terribly sorry you are giving piano lessons for pay and Britney Spears is buying another mansion. I also would like to apologize that you must live in a world where Justin Bieber would have been mobbed and you sat there, playing your heart out while some guy next to you listened to his iTunes (probably Bieber). Good Lord, what is happening? If anyone needs reeducation camps, it’s these clueless people. WAKE UP to the beauty around you, folks. It’s everywhere (not just on your iGadget).