Willy Wonka Prequel to Feature a Woman as Title Character?

Willy Wonka Prequel to Feature a Woman as Title Character?
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (YouTube Screenshot)

Remember that beloved classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory featuring Gene Wilder in the lead role? Who doesn’t? As I said, it’s a classic.

Let’s not even get into the Tim Burton remake, because that movie was terrible.


According to a report from The Sun, a new Willy Wonka movie is currently in development—a prequel that will tell the story of how he made his fortune as a chocolatier and how he met the Oompa Loompas.

No one has really asked for this story, but okay, sure.

Unfortunately, the studio that’s on the verge of bringing Willy Wonka back to the big screen, Warner Bros., is reportedly considering a woman for the lead role as Willy Wonka.

“Film bosses realize it could spark a backlash but believe a female Wonka is a great way to give the classic story a fresh look,” a source told The Sun.

Backlash? Ya think? Do I really need to bring up the disaster that was Ghostbusters: Answer The Call or the rumors of a female James Bond movie? Is it really so hard for Hollywood to understand that their audience is already skeptical of the reboot craze and gender swaps are just adding fuel to the fire. Stop the madness!

There is only one Wonka movie, this one:


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