The Potty-Mouth Princesses Are Back

A few weeks ago, the potty-mouthed princesses came to the Internet. The pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism advocacy group FCKH8 used the young girls to shock us out of our supposed reverie over our hateful ways. The little girls used the sassy black women stereotype (watch their body language, head bobs and all. I was surprised the cultural-appropriation guardians didn’t denounce it for that reason alone) and dropped f-bombs among repeatedly debunked facts.

As Julie Borowski asked in a parody video, “What’s more offensive? Having little girls drop f-bombs for shock value or using the same debunked facts over and over?”

The potty-mouth princesses have returned, this time to drop f-bombs on domestic violence. This new video is even more offensive than the first video, both for makeup and its stereotyping of men.

The potty-mouth princesses have their shock value but little dignity and no agency. I wonder if any of the adults considered how these girls might one day view their participation in this project. We are talking about now and what the adults think, about the kid doing her job, but how often do we consider what the children will think as they grow up?

As for anyone who wants to see debate on the issues raised just not in this way—we debate these things all the time. The guardians of acceptable news and culture suppress those debates. It’s like some people want to believe women still haven’t made progress in the West. The Right’s main issue objection to these videos is possibly that the director and FCKH8 felt justified using drastic tactics because they believe the false facts. They keep the false facts alive with obnoxious tactics.

As an antidote, I offer this dramatic reading, which hardly registered on the web. But at about the same running time covering many of the same issues (and even using a few of the debunked facts), it is far more interesting and honest than anything produced by FCKH8.