All of Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Have Died

Marking the end of an era, the last of the purebred corgis of Queen Elizabeth II has died. Since 1944, the queen has notoriously been the proud doggie-mama to corgis. One could hardly see a photo of the matriarch without a couple of her furry friends afoot. She has owned more than 30 of the breed over the years, beginning when she was a young girl.

Sadly, the Pembroke Welsh corgi named Willow suffered from cancer and was put down at Windsor Castle on Sunday at the age of 14. Many took to Twitter to announce the news, and post photos of the queen with her little friends.

It turns out that Her Majesty owned 14 generations of the breed, which is spectacular:

The queen first owned corgis with her parents, and so the death of Willow marks the end of something that began as a family tradition.

Perhaps one of the sweetest photos of Queen Elizabeth II is one of her as a young child, with Dookie, her first corgi:

While no more corgis remain at the palace, the queen will not find herself alone. She still has two other dogs, which are commonly referred to as “dorgis.” They are dachshund-corgi crossbreeds, named Vulcan and Candy. Nonetheless, she has reportedly taken the loss of Willow very hard.

You can catch a parody video that the queen appeared in, with her dogs (and James Bond) for the 2012 Olympics in London. So well behaved, those pups!