This Guy's Mother Just Found a Secret Basement in Her House

A Twitter user from Manchester, England, recently posted a picture that has caused a bit of a stir. @SAMiCURE’s mother just discovered a basement, hidden by a secret door in the floor of her kitchen. For some, this would be an awesome find—a great hiding spot for kids! New storage space! But for others, such a discovery immediately brings to mind every bad horror movie ever made. What could be lurking beneath the floor boards, hmmmm?

True to form, Twitter users had a lot to say on the matter.

First, the thought that most of us probably had when we saw the picture:

And then, maybe an obvious point needed to be made:

But since cellars are not common in the UK, as the original poster points out, maybe this is a bigger deal than it seems. He goes on to explain what they found down there:

And clearly it must have been this:

And yeah, I wouldn’t need to explore any further either:

This cat has the right idea:

Someone got a little cheeky with Photoshop. Nicely played.

And, of course, what we were all sure would happen now that the door has been discovered:

And this:

And of course some people miss the point completely: