Can You Solve This Coffee Puzzle?

If you love a good puzzle, strap on your thinking cap and see if you can figure out the one that has the internet going a bit batty.

At first glance, it seems relatively simple. If you’re like many Twitter users, you probably have a theory about which cups fills first, second, third, and then fourth.

But others had differing opinions:

And some just cared about which cup would be the first:

If you were overly-indulgent over the holidays, perhaps you’re still a little foggy and need your own cup of coffee to see the real issue with this particular puzzle. Clue: look closely!

Here it is one more time:

If you haven’t yet smacked yourself in the head after realizing the key here, be prepared for the answer below.


Only ONE cup gets filled! Yep, only cup #5 even has the slightest chance of receiving coffee.

Still stumped? If you take a closer look, the other cups are blocked in one way or another.

It’s ok. It’s early January. We need a good, long month after Christmas and New Year’s to even begin thinking clearly again after all of that rich food and eggnog.