Mom Warns of Christmas Decoration Danger

Three years ago, mom Nicole Mackintosh Leo spent a terrifying Christmas season with her then-14-month-old son. In a recent Facebook post, Leo explained how a very common holiday item in her home landed her son in the hospital.

Scary Mommy caught the post, which is no longer available. In it, Leo wrote that her toddler was home with his nanny “when he pulled on a Christmas stocking, and the weighted stocking holder fell and hit him directly in his left eye. After emergency surgery at Harborview, the doctors determined that the damage was too extensive and that he would need to have his eye removed. One week later we were at Children’s for his enucleation surgery.”

The devastating incident has fortunately not shaken the Leo family. The little boy, who is now four years old, is happy, active, and fun-loving. According to Leo, he plays soccer, t-ball, and loves swimming. But he must do it all with a prosthetic eye.

Leo’s post was meant to warn other parents about the unsuspecting dangers of Christmas stocking holders. She points out that there are other options available that are much more kid-friendly, such as 3M Command hooks, which her family currently uses.

While the holidays are indeed fun and festive, it is important to remember that little children aren’t necessarily used to all of the decorations that we put around the house. This even includes the scented candles which might be lit more often at this time of year. Little curious minds want to grab at the objects they see, and if we aren’t careful, it can be dangerous for them.