Starbucks Throws Up Its Hands with This Year's Holiday Cups

Now that Halloween has passed, it is officially time to usher in the holidays — at least if you’re a corporate chain. And that can mean only one thing: Starbucks has unveiled its holidays cups. But before you get ready to complain that the cups do or do not adequately represent your feelings on Christmas, Christianity, secular vs. religious greetings, or the amount of red, green, or white used in the days leading up to December 25, you should know that this year’s cups are meant to be personalized by customers. That’s right — if you don’t like them the way they are, you can make them exactly how you think they should be.

The coffee giant’s warm beverage containers for the 2017 holiday season feature white cups with some red and green images of “cheer,” such as wrapped presents, hearts, snowflakes, and hands being held. The company wants its customers to feel free to further decorate the cups in the white spaces, allowing for optimal personalization. In fact, according to a spokesperson who discussed the cups with the Huffington Post, “most of our U.S. Starbucks locations will have colored pencils available for customers to borrow.”

Of course, people are divided on the new cups:

But others are embracing the new design:

So if you like the Starbucks cups this year, then great! If you don’t, change them! Either way, what is in the cup is the most important thing, right?