Subscription Services That You Need in Your Life

It’s not news that you can buy anything online. But if you’re like a growing number of people across the country, you’re buying more than just some items on Amazon. In the area where I live, grocery delivery is an option that a lot of families, including my own, use every week. The stress of lugging two small children to the grocery store and then getting them, along with countless bags of food, out of the car and into the house is not my idea of a good time. So we order ours online and they show up at a designated time. It’s like magic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But what about other online purchases? And subscriptions? They are increasingly becoming an important part of busy people’s lives. Too busy to plan your dinner and chop the ingredients? There’s a service for that. Too out of the loop to know what fashion trends are in these days? There’s a service for that. You want you kid/dog/cat to have fun things to play with? Yep, you’re covered.

If you’re very busy, or just have some extra money to burn, you might want to consider some of the services we found. They can simplify your life, or at the very least, spice it up a bit. You’ve probably heard (or tried) some of them already, and maybe you’ve even given their competitors a shot. If you have, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Blue Apron

This one is probably the subscription that most people have heard of. But in case you haven’t, Blue Apron is an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service, according to its website. A box arrives at your door as often as you choose, and it contains the ingredients and recipe for a new meal every night. Many people love the service because it takes the decision-making and chopping out of the process. But others love it because it teaches them, in a way, how to cook and prepare meals that they never thought they could make. It’s not just a time-saver, but it broadens people’s gustatory horizons.

Kiwi Crate

If you have children, then this one is for you. KiwiCo has different “crates” or boxes for children of different ages. Every month, you receive a box with crafts, science experiments, or engaging age-appropriate toys for your little ones. You choose the crate that best suits your child’s age, and that’s it. This service allows you to take a break from trying to be creative when it comes to your child’s educational play, and it offers a fun surprise for the kids to open up every month.

Bark Box

If your baby is furry, then you might want to consider Bark Box for his or her needs. Your little best friend will love you even more when this curated box full of toys and treats arrives. Fido might even let the mailman off the hook if he has this to offer. If you’re a cat person, then Meow Box is for you.

Rent the Runway

Do you have a wedding, cocktail party, black tie event, or another fancy gathering coming up and you’re dreading it because you always wear that same outfit over and over again? And you don’t want to splurge on a nice dress that you’ll wear once or twice a year? That’s where Rent the Runway comes in. You can rent couture clothes for a very reasonable price. You show up at your event looking fabulous, and then return what you borrowed from the service. It’s so simple.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix saved me after I gave birth to my second son. I was in desperate need of clothes, and I was sick of my “uniform” that consisted of black long-sleeved tee-shirts and jeans. I needed clothes that I could wear on date night or to events at my older son’s school. The problem was that I had no time to shop. Stitch Fix has you complete a very thorough questionnaire to assess your taste, likes and dislikes. Then a stylist pulls together a few items based on your preferences. You can keep the whole box or nothing at all (you pay a small “styling fee” either way).

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