Erin Andrews Reveals She Worked a Full NFL Game Just Five Days After Cancer Surgery

Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews during an NFL football NFC divisional playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers, Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017. (James D. Smith via AP)

FOX broadcaster Erin Andrews has been through a lot the past couple of years. Not long ago, a stalker captured nude footage of her in her hotel room and leaked it online. After an intense trial, Andrews prevailed. But just months later, Andrews had yet another battle ahead of her: she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The NY Post reports:

The FOX broadcaster, who has become a sideline staple on NFL Sundays, revealed to she was diagnosed in late September following a routine checkup last June. While in a meeting with colleagues ahead of the Giants’ Week 3 showdown with the Redskins at MetLife, Andrews received a phone call from her doctor confirming it was cancer.

“When you hear the word cancer, you fear the worst,” said Andrews’ father, Steve. “When it’s your child, you think to yourself, you think, ‘God: Take me, not her.’ She has been through enough. She is just getting her life back.”

While a frightening diagnosis such as the one Andrews received would be enough for anyone to handle, the broadcaster was determined not to be held back by her health scare.

Days after being diagnosed with cervical cancer and just moments before surgery, Erin Andrews had one request for her oncologist.

“I’m not watching any football games at home. This is [Fox’s] Super Bowl year, and I’m not missing the Super Bowl,” Andrews recalled saying.

Just five days after her first surgery, Andrews was back at it, and standing for an entire game. For her, sports are an escape, and she felt the most like herself standing on those sidelines. Another procedure in early November resulted in the news that she had been waiting to hear: her cancer was gone.

Surviving her scary diagnosis is now in the past, as she looks forward to covering the upcoming Super Bowl, and marrying her longtime boyfriend (and former NFL player) Jarret Stoll. The couple got engaged over the holidays and are ecstatic about their future together.

“We went there for Christmas to see the Christmas decorations, and we had a lovely dinner and he did it right there at dinner at Disneyland,” Andrews gushed on “Good Morning America.” “I was bawling like a child.”