Admit It, You’ve Eaten Worse Than These Bizarre Food Pairings

Ketchup and pizza? Cottage cheese and mayonnaise? Grilled pineapple and tabasco sauce? Sounds like odd food combinations ripped from a fraternity or sorority hazing playbook. While it’s possible these combinations may be found there, these are actually some of the weird food pairings people have admitted to not only eating, but also enjoying. I like to believe I have an adventurous palate. My husband and I pour through food-related magazines, pulling out recipes we are challenged by and recipes that just look downright delicious. But a peanut butter and pickle sandwich is not something we would jump at the chance to have for lunch!

In my travels across the Internet’s superhighway of information, I came upon this little gem of a page dedicated to the odd culinary habits of people like you.

To celebrate the weirdness, we’ve rounded up 31 bizarre food combinations that are actually delicious. And remember, this is a judgment-free zone.

After reading that, I was hooked and mesmerized by some of these odd food combinations. I have to admit I have tried some, but there are others that make me wonder, “How could that possibly taste good?!” Like these, for example:

  • Doritos + Mac n’ cheese
  • Mayo + grape jelly sandwich
  • Hamburger with a softbatch chocolate chip cookie on it
  • Ramen + melted Kraft single slice

Take a look and enjoy. Who knows, you may find your new midnight snack!