Rangers Pitcher Cole Hamels Denied Access to Victoria's Secret Models in Their Underwear

Common sense says that if you pay for a service, you should get that service. Period. It doesn’t matter if you make minimum wage at a fast food joint or if you’re the pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Some might argue that if you do happen to be the pitcher for the Texas Rangers and you really want to do something, you should have enough “celebrity” to do whatever that may be without having to pay for it. Apparently, this wasn’t the case for Cole Hamels recently. After paying nearly $70,000 for a VIP package to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Hamels and his wife are suing the London-based promoter Cornucopia Events because the company, allegedly, sold the couple a bill of goods.

Hamels is seeking $150,000 in damages, claiming that the promoter failed to provide VIP tickets to the 2015 New York City lingerie show, according to The Associated Press.

If Cornucopia promised entrance to the event as part of the “VIP” package, then Hamels has every right to sue the pants off of them. If that’s not the case, this guy needs to buck up and accept that he got played, and maybe hire a better team that can get him into all those exclusive lingerie shows next time around.