5 Smart Apps for Money-Saving Deals at Your Fingertips


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Saving money is a top priority in many single professionals’ lives, and even more so once a person gets married and has children. In today’s economy, single people and families need to stretch pennies even further to make ends meet. Here are five apps/websites that will save you money, allow you to try new things, and make you feel good about using them.


1. (

This free e-commerce app offers local deals in each city by merchant category ranging from restaurants, entertainment, and even travel. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars while enjoying my favorite things around town.


2. (

This is another a free e-commerce app that offers deals in your city for fitness, fashion, and unique gifts for that special someone. If I find nothing of interest on, this is a great alternative.

Target Cartwheel

3. Target Cartwheel App (

This is a free app that allows you to save money (5% – 50%) on products at Target. Simply download the app on your smartphone and scan the items in your cart. Take your barcode to the checkout and see your savings. That’s how easy this app is. Most of us shop here anyway, so why not save while you shop!


4. Retailmenot (

Retailmenot is a website that offers a collection of coupons from major retailers. Before I do any shopping for clothes, furniture, pizza etc., I check this site. I have saved every time I have used it.


5. Ibotta (

Ibotta allows you to pick any brand that you want, in categories ranging from clothing to food, and they will find a store with a cash back rebate. After you’ve made your purchase, send your receipt to Ibotta and they’ll give you the cash via Paypal. Sound like a lot of work? Not really, if you’re serious about saving money.