Will Apple Jump Into The Console Gaming Market?


Apple Computers is like Hobbes’s Leviathan: it has extended its tendrils into the far-reaches of the electronics market. But it has yet to move into console gaming.

That, however, appears to be changing.

David Murphy, of PC Magazine, writes:

The news almost seems too good to be true, a perfect storm of events for the future of one’s living room. Numerous websites are reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook met recently with representatives from Valve Software – the very Valve behind the popular Steam digital distribution platform and the subject of many a rumor about home gaming consoles and the like. And don’t forget the wearable computer concept either, the latest batch of, “crazy things Valve might be working on” to hit the digital airwaves.

One wonders about the effect it would have on a company like Nintendo, which has comfortably settled into making cheap, easy-to-produce titles that cater to families and young children. It long ago stopped releasing anything serious. It did this in order to stay afloat.

Apple could put Nintendo out of business, which would certainly make things interesting.

Especially since the gaming world is overdue for a major shakeup.