Trainwreck: ESPN's Attempt at Diversity on Monday Night Football Goes Horribly Wrong

Last night’s Monday Night Football doubleheader capped an exciting opening weekend for the NFL. Football is back, and all is right with the universe again. Well, almost. If only ESPN cared enough to put seasoned talent on the broadcast instead of chanting the mantra of diversity.

That poor, poor sideline reporter.

It’s really not Sergio Dipp’s fault. He was put in a horrible position by the suits at ES(JW)PN who view diversity as far more important than preparation, familiarity with the sport, or command of the English language. Sergio Dipp was introduced to the world last night late in the second quarter. By the time he was done with his first report, Dipp was exposed as being just a bit over his skis on the big stage when the lights went on. Now, all of social media is comparing him to the Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy.

Beth Mowens and Rex Ryan were calling the game in the booth, and they went to Dipp for his first report from the sideline. Dipp then stumbled his way through a muddled report:

Well, folks, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys, here on the field, from up close, just watching Coach Vance Joseph from here. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in his background is helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL, and here he is, having the time of his life! This night, making his coaching debut.

You really have to see the clip to understand how awkward it was.


It’s hard not to feel bad for the guy. It brings to mind a similarly unprepared sportscaster for a student TV station at Ball State University:

Dipp has been at ESPN for many years, broadcasting for ESPN Deportes (the network’s Spanish language version). He tweeted later, after the whole thing was all over, seemingly taking it in stride.

Later, he tweeted out a heartfelt apology video, in which he describes his background and his deep love for this country.

It’s obvious that he was not ready for prime time. The blame for this debacle—for all of America (that was still awake) having to watch this poor guy struggle—lies squarely on the shoulders of the social justice warriors running ES(JW)PN these days.

Incidentally, the entire broadcast was a train wreck. Beth Mowens was calling play by play for her first NFL game and actually did a halfway decent job. But Rex Ryan clearly doesn’t understand offense—or how to communicate without swearing. You throw Dipp into the mix, and let’s just say that most of the country probably watched the game with the sound off.

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