'I've Studied Liberals Like Jane Goodall Studies her Chimps.'

So says Mike Gallagher in his new book 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate. I picked up the book and started reading after taking a look at the inside cover that stated “America, how does the liberal hate thee. Let me count the ways….”


Gallagher says that liberals love to hate things most Americans love, and “spend the rest of their lives endlessly trying to take those things away from us. And they are convinced they do it all because they love us.” I had to laugh when I read about the disdain that Gallagher says liberals feel for:

McDonalds: The stranger in the playground handing out candy to children.

Football: War with cleats

The V-8 Engine: There’s just something plain wrong about all that power and freedom under the control of one person.

The book has a chapter on why liberals hate girls that is rather funny, if not downright sad. Gallagher discusses that though girls are doing better in academic pursuits, they are psychologically, “a mess.” This is a partly a result of being told by liberals that half the time they are superwomen, and the other half, they are told they are victims who are “rape targets and oppressed minorities who are one spiked drink away from being ravaged by the Duke lacrosse team.. It’s no wonder the typical American girl wants to lose herself in junk food, Paxil, and the Twilight novels.”


The book has an interesting take on how liberals see the world and have changed the culture in ways that leave many groups of Americans feeling simultaneously self-entitled, yet worse off in many ways.

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