Winter Isn't Going

I’m going to the grocery store tonight, not to prepare for the upcoming snowpocalypse but just because I haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks and my dinner choices have been getting pretty grim.

Okay, and maybe to pick up a few things in case the power and/or roads go out. But darker than the skies outside are the moods of my friends and coworkers. We’re all tired of the inconveniences of missed work, closed schools, dangerous sidewalks and roads, and worse — loss of power or water or a shortage of food. Those are all very serious concerns, but you know what we could all grouch a lot less about? How cold it is. How long this winter feels. (It’s only February, people! That’s still technically winter!) How the weather is practically a personal affront — how dare the weather be bad?!



When’s the last time your grouchiness managed to stop a winter storm from overtaking your city?

I’m sick of people being sick of winter. It’s not my favorite season, and I grew up in Vermont, where winter lasted from October through April. But I discovered, through extensive testing, that the cold feels a lot less awful when you stop moaning about it (or at least try to cut back). And since you’re stuck in this winter anyway, why not focus on the enjoyable moments?

Make a cup of hot cocoa (with a little rum) and build a pillow fort. Take a snowy walk in warm boots. Catch up on all your Netflix shows. If you’re stuck in the house, talk to your roommates, neighbors, spouse. Have a real conversation. Build a fire. Help a neighbor shovel his walk. Enjoy a glass of wine at noon. Read a book. Read two books. Read three books. Read a book that a friend has been recommending to you forever that you never thought you’d actually pick up. (And then read all my posts!)

Right now, I’m not as worried as the people clearing the produce aisles at Giant. This too shall pass. Though who knows — maybe I’ll be eating these words when I’m eating my furniture in a couple of days. Right now I’m most concerned about a run on the wine and beer aisle. I hope I can endure the cries of the winter-haters long enough to make it back to my apartment with a nice salami and cheese to watch the snow come down, glass of wine in hand.