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Green Up, Chill Out

Part two of winter gardening.

Hannah Sternberg


February 10, 2014 - 8:00 am
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This week’s gardening music:

For Part 1 of this gardening series, sprouting seeds, click here.

When I was searching for seeds on Amazon, I noticed that the same companies that offered the highest-rated herb variety packs also sold “survival garden” seed packages. These packs contain a selection of hardy vegetables that provide a range of important nutrients, the perfect addition to your survival bunker. Of course, they aren’t much help if you don’t know how to grow them.

A simple herb garden won’t sustain you in case of a global disaster, but it is a good way to learn basic gardening skills. Most common herbs go easy on the gardener — Mediterranean herbs like thyme and oregano don’t require a lot of water, so a day or two of forgetting your new calling won’t kill them. Woody herbs like lavender and rosemary are difficult to start from seed, but once they’re well-established they’re extremely hardy. Leafy herbs like basil take minimal tending — just put them in a sunny spot and they’ll fill your garden or kitchen with beautiful fragrance even when you’re not cooking.

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I'm digging the "gardening music."

also, like my pun? ;)
50 weeks ago
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Ditch the gravel at the bottom of your pots. Containers with uniform soil particle size from top to bottom have better drainage and a lower perched water table than containers with drainage layers. A piece of coffee filter paper over the drainage hole will prevent the potting mix from escaping.

50 weeks ago
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Thanks for the tip!
50 weeks ago
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