'Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding'

“Of all the many things that make up a wedding, few are more important than the photographs,” the New York Times claims. Gee, I don’t know, I’d say the actual people getting married are slightly more important, but that’s just me. Still though, while photographs are important, one can get a bit carried away when they don’t turn out as well as expected:

Long after the last of the cake has grown stale and the tossed bouquet has wilted, the photos endure, stirring memories and providing vivid proof that the day of one’s dreams took place.

So it is not particularly surprising that one groom, disappointed with his wedding photos, decided to sue. The photographers had missed the last dance and the bouquet toss, the groom, Todd J. Remis of Manhattan, said.

But what is striking, said the studio that took the pictures, is that Mr. Remis’s wedding took place in 2003 and he waited six years to sue. And not only has Mr. Remis demanded to be repaid the $4,100 cost of the photography, he also wants $48,000 to recreate the entire wedding and fly the principals to New York so the celebration can be re-shot by another photographer.

Re-enacting the wedding may pose a particular challenge, the studio pointed out, because the couple divorced and the bride is believed to have moved back to her native Latvia.

Perhaps Mr. Remis could settle for simply recreating the big high school football game.