Dining with Anderson Cooper

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Anderson Cooper of CNN is a journalist with the common touch. A man who understands how the rest of us live:

For many, a cup of coffee offers an essential kick-start to the day.

But it seems this is not the case for American newsman Anderson Cooper — who tried the caffeine-filled drink for the first time yesterday.

* * *

Cooper then went on to try something else that has never passed his lips before — spinach.

In fact, picky eater Anderson revealed he is not a lover of vegetables in the slightest, saying he has not tried most of the green variety.

As for the spinach, it was ‘gross’ and ‘slithery’ in his esteemed opinion.

And it was only in 2009 that the then-41-year old anchorman professed to trying Reddi-wip for the first time. As Mary Katharine Ham quipped back then, “I must admit, this is not the household item I would have expected Anderson Cooper to be unfamiliar with, but alas:”

And as longtime readers of PJM know, don’t even get him started discussing tea.