The Alpha and the Omega of the Personal Computer

For the last 15 years or so, millions of teenagers (and likely more than a few older folks as well) have taken first their laptops, and later their smart phones to bed with them to chat (hot or otherwise) with friends, and to wake up feeling plugged into the matrix.

Researchers never knew who was the first person to take his computer to bed though, until startling footage from 1967 was unearthed recently by the BBC:

(The first computer I ever used was at St. Mary’s; it was an Altair 8800 connected to one of these repurposed teletype machines, which makes the above footage particularly nostalgic for me.)

But what of the future of computing? Clearly, it’s multimedia all the way. While PJ Media has an extensive Internet television production facility in the form of PJTV, there can be no doubt that the ultimate Internet production house is…

No word yet when MGM will replace its current logo with one that features a kitten and thick white Helvetica text.