No Escape from LA: It's 'Carmageddon' This Weekend

I’m in Northern California and telecommute into the Vast Pajamas Collective, but I’m certainly sympathetic to my colleagues at PJM HQ in LA, when watching news of this commuter clusterfark:

The L.A. Weekly adds:

Daily traffic in L.A. may be worst in the nation, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Suddenly, just a month-and-a-half before the largest closure of the 405 since it became the Westside’s clogged lifeline — carrying about 281,000 cars per day — L.A. transportation officials have decided to come out and warn the universe of this impending doom.

Not in time, unfortunately, to save thousands of pre-booked vacations from ruin. The world-famous Getty Center, for one…

… will be forced to shut down entirely on Saturday, July 16, and Sunday, July 17, along with its regular Monday closure. And the lockout couldn’t come at a worse time: Getty spokeswoman Melissa Abraham says that of the 1.2 million visitors the museum receives every year, mid-July is “one of our busiest weekends.”

Sorry, tourists. Guess you’ll have to settle for them street-rat scribbles at MOCA.

Oh waitMOCA’s situated right along the 101, that narrow relic of a freeway destined to take on the hundreds of thousands of pissy, honky drivers displaced from their normal route by the 53-hour summer closure.

For those seeking relief, one blog proffers “25 Ways to Show Carmageddon Who’s Boss.”

Update: It was only a matter of time before the man who brought you the Autobahn, the Volkswagen, and the Porsche weighed in from the bowels of der commuterbunker: