Donut Shop Offers Creepy Clown Donut Deliveries for Month of October

A Midwest donut chain has come up with a unique promotion for the month of October. Starting on October 1, Hurts Donut will be offering a very special service: “Wanna scare the sh… Shprinkles out of your friends!? SCARY CLOWN DELIVERIES!” a Hurts Donut shop in Katy, Texas, announced on Facebook:

The clown deliveries were first tried last fall, and they were such a hit that the Pennywise look-alikes are coming back for Halloween 2018 bearing red balloons and, of course, donuts.

But not everyone’s a fan of donut-wielding killer clowns, it turns out.

As KAKE-TV in Kansas reported, a customer was so scared by the delivery clown last year that the donuts couldn’t be delivered.

“We had one individual that decided to take off running from us and we never did get to deliver the donuts to her, so we had to give them to her friend,” the disappointed clown explained. “She’s just afraid of clowns. Her husband sent us.”

The poor guy in this video seemed genuinely freaked out by his clown-delivered donuts.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to hire a donut clown, the Hurts Donut in Frisco, Texas, offered some potential reasons:

“So, Steve ate your yogurt with his bathrobe open? Send him a scary clown delivery,” they wrote on Facebook. “Mike’s cat doesn’t see anything wrong with a little bump and grind and you don’t appreciate it? Send him a scary clown delivery. Brandan brought his acoustic guitar to work in case any girls wanted to ‘feel what’s in his soul’? Send him a scary clown delivery.”

While it’s possible that the increase in clown sightings could spur another great clown panic (as was seen in the fall of 2016), the 2018 clown deliveries don’t seem to have caused any major problems.

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