Sinead O'Connor Reportedly Safe and 'Surrounded by Love' After Posting Tearful Video from Motel Room

Sinead O’Connor appears to be suffering from the devastating effects of an extremely rough childhood at the hands of an abusive mother. The troubled songstress claims to have been diagnosed with three mental illnesses and as a result, has made some poor life choices that have left her very miserable and even suicidal at times. Until very recently, she was holed up in a Hackensack, New Jersey, motel room, friendless and alone. The distraught diva appeared to be suffering from a nervous breakdown in a video she posted on Facebook Monday.


You can watch the entire heartbreaking thing here.

For those of you following Sinead O’Connor’s mental health travails, she is now reportedly safe and “surrounded by love,” according to a friend on Facebook Tuesday morning.

But on Monday, it was a different story.

“I am now living in the Travelodge motel in the arse-end of New Jersey,” she whimpered in the Facebook video posted from her motel room.

“I’m all by myself. I’ve absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor,” she continued, calling her psychiatrist the “sweetest man on earth.” She said he is the only person keeping her alive at the moment, “and that’s kind of pathetic.”

O’Connor claims she has been abandoned by her family and friends and living in isolation (except for her doctor and business manager) for two years. “I love the people that are doing this to me. I am not staying alive for me,” she cried. “If it was me, I’d be gone! Straight away back to my mom!” she wailed.

In past interviews, O’Connor has said she was “misdiagnosed” with bipolar disorder. She also reportedly suffers from depression and PTSD. The distressed singer has threatened to commit suicide on a number of occasions and actually attempted suicide in January of 2012. She also went missing in the Chicago area while possibly suicidal in May of 2016.


Via the L.A. Times:

O’Connor has been married four times and has two children with two ex-husbands, plus two more with ex-boyfriends. Her musical contributions along the way have gotten somewhat lost under the weight of her struggles.

“I gave so much love in my life and I just can’t understand how a person can be left alone…,” she said in the newest video. “Mental illness, it’s a bit like drugs, it doesn’t … [care] who you are, and what’s worse, the stigma doesn’t … [care] who you are, and suddenly all of the people who are supposed to be loving you and taking care of you are treating you … [badly].

“Then when you’re angry or you’re hurt because they’re doing it, it’s like a witch hunt,” she went on.

I was never a Sinead O’Connor fan. I guess I was put off by her bald pate, hideous tattoos, and her strident anti-Catholicism. Her career-ending “Saturday Night Live” stunt ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II in October of 1992 turned off millions of potential fans (like me) forever.

Yet she was a beautiful and immense talent.


Poor Sinead O’Connor. She’s a bipolar paradox: at once beautiful and ugly —  laughing and crying — pushing people away and wanting them to come back…

You don’t have to be a fan to feel heartfelt compassion for this poor, tormented soul.


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