Dog Mauls Owner After She Tries to Put a Sweater on It

A woman in Florida was attacked by her dog on New Year’s Eve after she tried to dress him up in a sweater, according to Fox 13 Tampa. The pit bull mix named Scarface reportedly mauled his owner’s arm and also attacked her husband and their son when they tried to help her. The son, identified as Antoine Harris, 22, stabbed the dog’s neck and head, allowing all three to get away from the enraged animal.

The woman, Brenda Guerrero, and her husband Ishmael were both taken to the hospital following the horrifying incident. Brenda was seriously hurt, but is expected to recover.

The dog was covered in his own blood and probably the blood of his owner by the time the gruesome ordeal was over.

According to ABC Action News, responding officers had a hard time rounding up Scarface after the initial attack. The dog, which by that time had slipped inside the residence, did not respond to beanbag rounds from a shotgun or a taser.

“It took a tranquilizer dart from animal control to finally subdue the dog,” ABC reported. “Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive,” a Tampa police spokesman said.

According to Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, Scarface was euthanized, his wounds being a contributing factor in the decision.