Our Christmas Heroes Are All Actually Socialists


The image above is an example of one of the most popular — and least analyzed forms of political expression today that barely existed a few years ago but today subtly shapes perceptions among low-information voters.

With Facebook, now so-called “memes” — combinations of text and images usually with a pop culture reference or snark to grab attention and no author or source — now shape political and cultural attitudes among the ignorant. This one was promoted on Facebook by the “Being Liberal” Facebook page which has 899,376 likes. (Encouragement: “Being Conservative” has 2.75 million likes. “Being a Socialist” has 12,636. Or make that 12,637. I just liked the page.)

As Susan L.M. Goldberg wrote about on Sunday in her continued discussion of Ion Mihai Pacepa’s Disinformation, the ideology that asserts that Jesus of Nazareth was actually a socialist and the proper practice of Christianity requires the support of Marxist regimes is called Liberation Theology and it was cooked up in a KGB disinformation lab as a tool for duping people into embracing Marxism.

As I continue my studies into the history of Marxism and the ideology’s pernicious effect on past, present, and future, I’m going to try and do more to show how these messages have been downgraded into the low-brow, cultural realm by highlighting more of this propaganda and identifying its roots. So I’ve decided to fill my Facebook feed with even more progressive junk than it already has. Here are the half dozen Facebook meme outposts I’ve just subscribed to for starters:

Liberal And Proud Of It

Americans Against the Tea Party

Conservatives Are Destroying Our Future

Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Against Republicans & The Tea Party

I really laughed out loud. Yes, by all means, let’s have some generational cultural warfare. Tea Party Millennials and Conservative Gen-Xers vs Boomer Liberals and Silent Generation Socialists.

Occupy Wall St.

Americans Against The Republican Party

Where else should I watch? See some blending of pop culture and Marxism that I should keep an eye on? Send me examples of memes and stories at: