What Books Does Roger L. Simon Recommend for 2013?

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The Freedom Academy Book Club’s beta launch continues. And I’m pleased to note in today’s discussion of the Literary Panel’s 2013 picks that Roger L. Simon, one of my writing heroes as I noted on August 24, has picked a book that has also captured my enthusiasm and fascination. As discussed earlier today, PJ columnist Ion Mihai Pacepa’s new book, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveal Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism, is a vital resource in understanding the hateful forces that have incubated both America and the Middle East with antisemitism and conspiracism for decades. Pacepa explains how so much of both American culture and the anti-American ideology of international enemies has been subject to waves of disinformation and cultural sabotage to undermine the American values that have historically produced citizens opposed to totalitarianism.

I still have about 300 pages of Pacepa’s book to get through before writing my review,  but already I agree with Roger’s take from his recommendation list at the Freedom Academy Book Club:

Fascinating book by a man to whom “been there, done that” applies in an extraordinary way — he ran intelligence for a communist country. Key takeaway — disinformation, not spying, is what communist intelligence agencies were mainly about. What does this tell you?

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