Is Home on the Range the Worst Disney Film?

Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News notes the release of a Disney film that doesn’t need to be added to our family’s collection either:


Ok – if you’re a Disney completist then this is where you bleed. HOME ON THE RANGE is a soppy mess. I loathe this crap. I rewatched it on Blu, just to be sure if the hate could burn with the intensity that the scar tissue in my brain had reminded me… and I have fresh scars. This is unacceptable bullsh** terrible f***ing awful filmmaking. AND YET- the physical quality of the animation and the drawn character work and the backgrounds are often quite excellent. But that’s nothing that just looking at the cover of this thing tells you. THIS FILM IS THE TAINT OF THE WEST.

Doing a series of list posts ranking the 51 (soon to be 52) films in the Disney canon has been on my to-do list for awhile. Home on the Range would make the list of bottom 10 worst — maybe even the lowest five. Any other obvious contenders? Here’s a 2 minute refresher on the choices:

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