Jason Biggs to Appear 'Full Monty' in American Reunion


Seann William Scott who plays high school jock bully turned corporate jerk Steve Stifler in the fourth film in the American Pie franchise:

Mom goes, ‘Is that really his penis?’,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “That was so weird for me, firstly to hear her say ‘penis’. I’ve eaten dog poo in a movie, I’ve been peed on, but for some reason this was the weirdest thing, for my mom to see his penis.”


And the teen sex comedy comes full circle. How’s this for Hollywood progress? None of the female stars of the series ever appeared completely naked. Yet now for the fourth film, we have Jason Biggs in complete glory.

Maybe they have to compete with Hangover Part II‘s full-frontal shemales.

When did the MPAA decide to give the green light on virtually limitless nudity in R-rated movies? With what film did they throw up the white flag on male genitalia? My guess: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno when a penis speaks.

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