Male-Female Hour on Dennis Prager Today: Pick Up Lines, For or Against?

The subject of the Male-Female Hour on today’s Dennis Prager show was lighter than most and a welcome diversion from the constant primary trash talk: pick up lines. What are effective ways a man can let a woman know he finds her attractive without appearing like a creep or an idiot?


After all, in today’s politically correct world what’s intended as an innocent pick-up line can be interpreted as sexual harassment.

One of the callers made the obvious point that pick up lines needed to be considered in context. The kinds of things that might work for a 19-year-old college kid at the club isn’t what the 45-year-old divorcee should use when he meets a woman at a book store.

During the hour Dennis sat incredulous at some of the cheesy lines his callers used. When finding that some even worked he had to lament that perhaps his standards were too high.

Maybe it’s just that lines are effective in different locations to attract specific kinds of women.

For example, this list of Star Wars pick up lines has a few chuckles and could be of use to those cruising for dates at Star Wars conventions. This one might work if accompanied by the right costume:

Anybody else have any suggestions here? Any pick-up lines work or fail for you? What should a man say to break the ice and make a good first impression?

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