The Top 10 Comic Book Movies Hollywood Still Needs to Make (#5): Rorschach

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5. Rorschach

Now this is an argument that might get me in trouble with the fanboy community but I’ll make it anyway: why not do a prequel to Watchmen just telling more about the crime fighting experiences of Rorschach? Sure, Alan Moore would never write it or approve in any way but there are plenty of talented writers out there who could do incredible things with the character. In a sense it could be a superhero homage to Taxi Driver, and could should even be a period piece set in the grungy New York City of the 1970s.

Or at the very least a film exploring this type of individualist super hero — a film on the Question or Mr. A.

(Hat tip to my Objectivist buddy Bosch Fawstin on the latter half of this idea.)