The Top 10 Retro Nickelodeon Shows That Need to Return on New The ’90s Are All That Feature

This is fantastic news for younger Gen X-ers and older Gen Y-ers:

If you’re one of the people who got all nostalgic at yesterday’s news aboutNickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, prepare to take another trip down memory lane. Nickelodeon’s TeenNick channel has announced a plan to show reruns of ’90s shows like Pete & Pete and Rugrats as part of a new programming block. Read more details after the jump.

Entertainment Weekly reports that TeenNick (formerly known as The N), has scheduled a two-hour block from midnight to 2 AM called The ’90s Are All That — sort of a retro TGIF for people who grew up with the original TGIF, I guess. The block will include old programs like RugratsKenan & KelPete & PeteThe Amanda Bynes ShowAll That and Clarissa Explains it All. TeenNick plans to eventually use the block to show other ’90s shows and films as well.

What shows do I hope  to see return? I think this is the order of importance:

10. Nickelodeon GUTS!

9. Legends of the Forbidden Temple

8. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

7. Round House

6. Clarissa Explains it All

5. The Adventures of Pete and Pete

4. Rocko’s Modern Life

3. Wild and Crazy Kids

2. Are you Afraid of the Dark?

1. Salute Your Shorts

Does anyone have any disagreements with my ranking of the best shows of the period? The whole list is available here at wikipedia. As respectable runners up I’d include Eureeka’s Castle, Welcome Freshman, Hey Dude, The Secret World of Alex Mack and Ren & Stimpy. The main reason why I don’t include Ren & Stimpy is that it has been available on DVD for years whereas most of these shows have had very limited home releases if they’ve been put out at all.