Four Times Liberal Hollywood Declared War Against GOP Women

The Democrats ran with the “War on Women” strategy against the GOP with some success in recent years.

The party used it against GOP hopeful Ken Cuccinelli in the 2012 Virginia governor’s race. It’s the women’s issues, stupid, they cried, citing “reproductive rights” and equal pay concerns. The phrase gained traction with select voters, so Democrats kept hammering away at Republicans with it.

Flash forward to 2017, and one prominent Hollywood liberal just savaged a GOP woman in ways that hearken back to that battle-tested talking point. Only not in the ways Democrats intended.

It wasn’t the first time Hollywood stars set aside their inner feminist to slam GOP women in disgusting fashion. Here are four of those situations, starting with the most recent offense…

1. Chelsea Handler vs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Netflix star turned “activist” unleashed a nasty assault on press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders earlier this week. How nasty? Handler called Huckabee Sanders a “harlot” who is “dressing up and trollopping out every day.”

She wasn’t done.

“One day she has no makeup on at all — the next day [she has] six-foot-long eyelashes and cleavage and [expletive] lipstick all over her face.”

Imagine if Handler described an Obama employee in a similar fashion?

2. Jim Jefferies vs. Melania Trump

Australian comic Jim Jefferies landed his own Comedy Central show earlier this year. He quickly established a voice similar to every other liberal late-night talker.

Ho hum.

What’s really stood out about his show so far is his nasty attack on first lady Melania Trump. Jefferies called Mrs. Trump a “wooden” “dirty girl.” He insinuated she was racist. Later, he described the first lady in a very sexual fashion.

3. Jason Biggs vs. Ann Romney and Janna Ryan

The “American Pie” star is best known these days for his work on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black.” But in 2012 he took time out of his busy schedule to sling ugly, sexual comments at the wives of GOP presidential ticket members Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

The “jokes” in question, targeting Ann Romney and Janna Ryan, are so disgusting they can’t be summarized here.

Suffice to say Biggs’ tweets didn’t hurt him within the Hollywood community.

4. Louis CK vs. Sarah Palin

The “Louie” star got unofficially booted out of Hollywood when we learned he had repeatedly pleasured himself in front of unsuspecting women. The industry uniformly agreed that behavior couldn’t be tolerated.

Slamming a female governor in the nastiest way possible on Twitter? C.K. didn’t suffer in the slightest for that act. The party of the governor in question likely explains why.

“I want to rub my father’s [expletive] all over Sarah Palin’s fat [expletive],” C.K. tweeted back in 2010. Five whole years later he apologized for the comments, but only after Palin personally told him she liked his humor and threw a gentle jab in his direction.