Joss Whedon: 'Trump CANNOT Be Allowed a Term in Office'

Maybe someone should have asked Joss Whedon if he would accept the results of the presidential election.

The “Avengers” director is hopping mad that the truth-challenged former first lady didn’t defeat Donald Trump last week. Rather than lick his ideological wounds over Hillary Clinton’s loss, Whedon is getting super-mad.

How mad?

Check out the director’s Twitter time line and you’ll find plenty of messages blasting Trump in every which way.

But what does he mean by saying Trump can’t be allowed to fulfill the wishes of the American people? Is he calling for more protests? Violence? What’s his solution to a free and fair election? Wouldn’t he be savaging Trump had the real estate mogul lost the election but complained the vote was rigged?

Whedon, best known in some circles for TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” isn’t as politically well known as other stars. He’s no Sean Penn, Ben Affleck or Kerry Washington. Yet Whedon played a leading role in Hollywood’s attempt to stop Trump this year.

Remember that insipid “Save the Day” celebrity PSA? The one with all those “Avengers” actors like Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey, Jr. and Scarlett Johansson mocking Trump and begging commoners to vote?

Whedon directed it.

In fact, Whedon was behind the camera for several “Save the Day” clips including this laugh-free snippet.

This is the same director who delivered the biggest laugh in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the Hulk punched Thor at the climax of “The Avengers.”

Whedon isn’t the only celebrity not to take kindly to the will of the people. Chelsea Handler wept openly while discussing the election, saying she wanted to move to Spain, only her inner circle talked her out of it.

Samantha Bee savaged white people (note: Bee is Caucasian) for electing Trump.

And, most famously, “Saturday Night Live” ditched comedy for a funeral-like cold open following Trump’s victory.

Meanwhile, the violence swirling around the anti-Trump protests intensify. The head of an online security company just got suspended from his company after threatening to kill Trump.

“Bring it Secret Service,” PacketSled’s Matt Harrigan wrote on Facebook. He later claims his comments were meant to be a joke. His colleagues disagreed.

Those celebrity temper tantrums typified by Whedon aren’t quite as funny as they were a few days ago.