Amazing Video of Lionel Messi's Soccer Skills as a Child

Have you ever wondered when Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer players in the world, started to eclipse other players his age? Just take a look at this video. It hasn’t gotten a lot of views yet, which is surprising, since the footage is better quality than what you usually see of Messi as a child.

Messi’s skills were obvious at a young age

You can already see not only how quick his feet were as a young player, but how quickly his mind seemed to take in the game.  There’s no doubt that anyone on the sidelines watching him play would have known that they were seeing something special — the only concern back then was that he was so little compared to his peers (he ended up at Barcelona partly because they were the only club willing to cover the high cost of his growth hormone treatments).

Messi is still not big in stature, his nickname in Spanish is La Pulga (the flea) after all, but his skills make him seem like a giant on the pitch, whether he’s playing for Argentina or Barcelona.

Will there be another Messi? Will an American player ever have his kind of global stature? Impossible to say, but one thing is certain: the beautiful game has caught on more in the States, and maybe somewhere out there on a field in Virginia, California or somewhere in between there’s a young player with mind-boggling skills and a quick mind to go with them.