Spice Up Your Traditional 'Carry out' Meal with Authentic Indian


The best Indian food I ever had was from a little Indian restaurant in Xi’an, China—cooked and served by an ex-pat Indian family.  They made banana naan in front of all the restaurant patrons and served drinks that looked like sculptures.  It was a meal of edible art.

I love Indian, but since my amazing experience at the restaurant in Xi’an, I have had a hard time finding a restaurant that I thought served authentic food and embodied the same spirit as my jewel in China.  Fortunately for me and my Indian-food cravings, I was able to locate a place worthy of praise in Alexandria, Virginia.

My roommates and I stumbled upon Dishes of India by accident—it popped up first on an online list of carry-out places in Alexandria–and it had decent reviews.  Note, the food is MORE than decent…

Bottom line, if Sheldon Cooper from the show, The Big Bang Theory, was going to add in another “carry-out” food night to his infamous food schedule, he would add in Dishes of India.  If that alone doesn’t sell you, keep reading.  I guarantee your mouth will start to water.


Dishes of India is nestled between two inconspicuous shops in the Belle View Shopping Center.  If you aren’t looking for this place, you’re likely to miss it.  The interior decorating isn’t anything to write home about, but it doesn’t matter when your mouth is watering for Tandoori Wings, naan, and a mango lassi.  The two chefs, Chef Ramanand Bhatt and Chef Sohan Singh, have devoted decades to learning the complex and fine art of Indian cuisine.  Unlike many of the Indian restaurants that I have tried, Dishes of India’s menu isn’t just dominated by hot and spicy entrees.  In fact, these recipes are just the tip of the iceberg.  The menu also features recipes from northwestern India; which include savory barbeque sauces, as well as the layered flavors of fresh spices.  There is a dish for any palate.

food 2

Some of my Dishes of India favorites include the Murg Tikka Masala, the Tandoori Murg, Daal soup, and fresh naan.  I also recommend a refreshing mango lassi and dessert. The menu is quite large, but the wait staff is always willing to recommend dishes based on your spice tolerance and meat preferences.

In addition to being a great sit-down restaurant, Dishes of India also has fast and reliable carryout.  It will be hard not to get yourself into a habit of ordering in every night!  (I think it was a godsend for my credit card when I moved out of range of their delivery service).

So, this week, instead of getting a pizza, try ordering in some tasty Indian–or make a date night out of sitting down in their restaurant. You won’t regret it.

Where is it?

Dishes of India

In the Belle View Shopping Canter

1510-A  Belle View Blvd.

Alexandria, VA 22307


Who Should Go? 

People looking to get out of the house and taste some authentic Indian, friends and families who want a twist on their traditional carry-out food nights, and Indian-food lovers looking for a good place to satisfy their cravings