Tickets to San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream Instantly Sell Out

The Museum of Ice Cream is a pop art installation that celebrates everything ice cream. And sugar junkies living in the San Francisco area are having a ton of frozen fun with the exhibit’s swimming pool full of sprinkles, colorful gummy bear garden, and the abundance of frozen treats that are included with each $38 ticket.

There’s good news and bad news for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to check out the Museum of Ice Cream. Unfortunately, the very limited-edition tickets to the event sold out after an hour and a half. But since the installation will stay in the middle of Union Square through February 2018, it is expected that the museum will provide additional opportunities to buy tickets before too long.

The gallery is less educational, and more “Wow, look at all of this ice cream-themed stuff! I can’t wait to post these pictures to Instagram!” with its “Willy Wonka of ice cream” styled art installations. A variety of premium ice cream, cotton candy, cream mochi, and other sugary treats are offered to guests. Patrons will have plenty of photo ops as they explore the museum’s themed rooms, including a rock candy cave, glittery unicorn stable, and a homage to traditional ice cream parlors that sports a pink jukebox that plays retro tunes at the “Scoop Shop.”

Speaking of which, the included high-end ice creams offered are all directly donated to the museum from local makers in San Francisco, including Bi-Rite, Salt & Straw, CREAM, and It’s-It. Lucky visitors will have the chance to try out unique flavors such as Sprinkle Pool, Piñata, and tiny cones of Unicorn Milk Ice Cream.