No, There Isn’t a Giraffe On the Loose in Oregon

A fake Craigslist ad asked the community of Beaverton, Oregon, to keep an eye out for their escaped pet baby giraffe and it went viral on social media to the point where local police felt the need to assure everyone that they were not actively looking for any giraffes.


The full Craigslist listing reads:

Our landscapers damaged the fence and our Giraffe calf, “Raffi” escaped.
At this age, they are easily mistaken for a deer or even a llama, as nobody expects to see a Giraffe in Beaverton.
And yes, we have the correct permits…
South side of Cooper Mountain, off Grabhorn Rd. near the quarry. Probably went downhill towards vineyards…loves grapes.
If you see him, please call 911…police and animal control are already advised and know how to contact us.

Jeremy Shaw of the Beaverton Police noted, “If it was in the city limits of Beaverton, I’m pretty sure it would not be legal.”

The listing could’ve at least tried a little harder to seem genuine, but they lazily reused an image of Oliver, son of April, the internet-famous giraffe that was watched my millions on a livestream until she gave birth.


Just because there was a tall tale about an escaped giraffe roaming the vineyards of Oregon doesn’t mean that exotic hoofstock don’t attempt to make a break for it in the Beaver State from time to time. In 2015, a rare scimitar-horned oryx antelope named Yellow Nose escaped his enclosure via an open gate and was successfully tranquilized and returned home after he was discovered wandering through the lush greenery of Forest Park, Portland.

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