5 Fun Doo-Wop Hits for Fighting the Language Wars

There, I said it. A “forbidden” word, because it “sounds like,” or may have other, more impolite connotations, at least to those of weak mind and a certain political persuasion.  This topic was covered by a recent PJM article by Stephen Kruiser, “Army Deletes ‘Chinks’ in Armor Tweet Because PC Crowd Too Stupid to Understand English.”

“Doo-Wop” is loosely defined as vocal group harmony, jibberish background syllables, a wide range of lead singer vocal routines, and a nice, simple beat. Great stuff to slow dance to, or watch the sunset at some scenic overlook with your Bobby-soxer girl, in your ’55 Chevy.

So, in homage to a unique American musical form, here’s some very good Doo-Wop indeed.

And to hell with the P.C. censors.

Originally written for the 1934 movie Dames. It was re-released by the Flamingos in their 1959 debut album, Flamingo Serenade. A wonderful example of those harmonious but nonsense background vocals – “She-bop she-bop…”

1. The Flamingos – “I Only Have Eyes for You”

Formed in 1956, this was one of only a few interracial groups of its time.

2. Norman Fox and the Rob-Roys – “Tell Me Why”

Released in 1954, an early Doo Wop song. Again, great background foolish lyrics, “sh-boom, sh-boom..”  Kept you dancing though.

3. The Chords – “Sh-Boom”

The number four hit on the charts for 1958.

4. Little Anthony and the Imperials – “Tears on my Pillow”

Talk about “success.” The Platters had forty songs on the Billboard top 100 list, between 1955 and 1967.

5. The Platters – “Only You”